About Us

Organized in 1939 by Dr. W.O.H. Garman, the Associated Gospel Churches (AGC) endorses Chaplains from fundamental churches to the U.S. Armed Forces, and to other agencies. The AGC has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to represent Independent, Fundamental Bible-believing churches. For more than 75 years AGC has supported a strong national defense and protected the free exercise of religion in the armed forces.


The AGC has more experience than any other fundamental endorsing agency when dealing with the Department of Defense. Because of the excellent records and performance of AGC Chaplains over the years, our association is highly respected by DOD. The military constantly seeks after our men and calls upon us directly for new chaplains. As a result of our earned confidence, we can expeditiously get candidates into the military. In short, we know the chaplaincy and how it works.


Our chaplains, new and old, experience warm fellowship, mentoring, and have personable and friendly attitudes. We enjoy Christian fellowship and encouragement. When difficulties arise, the AGC leadership will defend its chaplains.


We are supervised by a President, a Vice-President, a National Field Representative, and a Board of Directors.  All offices are voted on semi-annually. The AGC is guided by its Constitution. All AGC chaplains in good standing are voting members of the AGC. We are independent, evangelical, and fundamental Christians, separated unto the Lord.




Independent – While accountable to local churches, the AGC does not belong to any outside ecclesiastical authority, denominational structure, or religious hierarchy. 


Evangelical – The AGC is evangelical, meaning it is gospel focused and gospel proclaiming. The gospel message is focused on the life, death, burial, and ascension of Jesus Christ.


Fundamental – We declare and defend the fundamentals of the Christian faith as captured by the Five Vs. The virgin birth of Christ; the vicarious atonement of Christ; the victorious resurrection of Christ; the visible return of Christ; and the verbal inspiration of the Bible. These doctrines and others are summarized in the four-volume set of books, The Fundamentals (1917).


Separated – While AGC chaplains seek to be team players, the Bible clearly teaches that a Christian must be separated unto the Lord and away from worldly pleasures, carnal temptations, and theological error.  AGC chaplains love their Commanders and their Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen/Marines and their families.  There will be times that an AGC chaplain, because of personal or doctrinal conviction, cannot perform a certain task. In such cases an AGC chaplain will refer the case to someone else.